Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This morning i was reading in Matthew 5 about salt. We are the salt of the earth! We as Christians who shine the light of Christ to a dark world. But i was just challenged with the verse, cause if we loose our saltiness we are not good for anything but should be thrown out and trampled under mans feet. What a picture! All of us want to be good for something to have reason and for sure not be trampled by men. But if our lives are not salt and light to the world around us then that is how we are!

So there is my little sermon this morning!!! Wow it has been such a long time since yeah.... i posted anything. My life has been just so busy. Doing what? People ask all the time!! My response, hmmm well dating!!!! :) and then i think what else surely that is not all i am doing! But yeah when it comes down to it that is taking much of my time right now. Which i have no problem with!! :):) But no i am busy as well working here and there. I do some in home care for an older lady 3 days a week and i have been busy helping my mom with stuff at home. So i have much to do. And dating has been going great! But it is not without its trials of learning to work together and communicating!  And giving up of myself. I see how selfish a person i have become. And i realize that in any stage of life you are in whether it is the happy joys of dating or whatever God continues to work in changing me into the person He wants me to become!

Monday, April 18, 2011

This is us!!  My wonderful man and I !!!
Just got home last night from spending 4 days with him! Ah what fun!

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love,
and to let it come in."
                                                                 -Morrie Schwartz

This quote speaks to my heart... How do i give love? How do i let love come to me?
I am learning. 
God help me, show me, lead me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it is about caring and loving your relatives and friends, while you can touch and see them, and they are still among us."

*I found this quote today and I instantly connected with it! I have been reminded so much of this thought lately. I want to love more, care more, and show the people I love my love for them. And not wait till the perfect moment or right time. That might never happen. We have no promise of our next breath.*

Thanking God for life

This morning i sit here and look out my window. The sky is gray, the rain is gently falling, and i got tea on the stove brewing! Such a beautiful, mysterious day! I love rain... But let me add in moderation! Because i LOVE the sun as well and to many rainy days can make one blue after awhile. But today i like it. Fits my mood! Not that i feel gray no not at all. But a perfect day to sit and read and think about the happenings of the past few days. My boyfriend ended up in the hospital on Saturday afternoon. I don't understand all the medical words and terms, but he got poison on his hand about a week ago and it got infected and somehow, something, yeah went wrong. I never before had such a helpless feeling come over me. When i got the call Saturday eve. that he went in i felt a million miles away. Not knowing what is wrong or if he is gonna die... And having no way of getting to him fast. God he is yours! I had to let go! I feel God has brought it to me to teach me something. Not sure what all yet but i feel it has reason. Cause nothing happens with out reason. But i am rejoicing!! He is still alive and feeling much better. Thank you God! 
I noticed i never mentioned his name in my previous post... :) you might be curious who this man is!!
Dervin Seibel from Pickens South Carolina
Now to my cup of tea! It is calling my name!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

God is Good!

       Yes i am still here and i am still alive! Wow so much, so much has happened this past month. Almost to much for me and my brain to process and think through. And i thought when i came home from Bible School i had a lot to think about and process.Sometimes i wish i would not think so much... how does one stop thinking? But i am very excited!!! God has given me a huge gift, bigger and better then i could ever have asked for or imagined. So it all started like this... i met this wonderful man at Bible School, he was the asst. dean of men. I thought he was a very nice man and yet never imagined God would actually allow it to ever happen that we would get together. Why do i doubt God and his goodness? And his perfect plan for my life? This new phase of my life feels very new, risky, and i feel unlearned, and yet very secure in this being God's plan for my life now. And i am so excited!!! We had our first date March 25!
       My younger brother James got married on March 19 in Florida. So the whole family was down there together. A first for us! But in the midst of the joy of marriage and being with family, God choose to take my dear Grandma home to be with him. She was 93 years old, and died suddenly. We knew she had been going down hill the past month but we got the call Thursday morning (2 days before the wedding) that she is dying and in 1 hr she was gone. So that totally changed our plans. We had all been planning to stay down there for the following week and hang out as a family. But instead we came home on Sunday. So i had 4 days to enjoy the sunshine!!
        And yes God has been filling me up! In many different ways... in one way just being by myself and having him show me HE is enough!
        I am learning how to TRUST more, and live my life out of my control! Allowing God to have all control. I dare you to try it! Be ready for the ride of your life, and for God to take you many vulnerable places! I am learning to jump off the cliffs God brings me to and jumping into his arms!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

home once again

Yeah i am home! Where is home these days? Hmmmm one has to wonder!!!
Yesterday I returned from being at Heritage for 7 weeks, and have been sleeping and thinking ever since!! :) It feels wonderful to be back in my own house and sleep in my own bed and just relax with no responsibility. Yet responsibility has a way of teaching you many hard things, and helping you grow!
I feel empty....
And have been wondering how to fill up again.
God fill my cup I pray!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bible School Days!

I am now at Heritage Bible School as Dean of women!! AHHH not sure what that is to mean? ! :) The title sounds so .... ??? hmmm Well it is just like this i feel i have much to learn and grow in and i have a long way to go in my journey with God and suddenly i am stuck in this spot where... i don't have answers and i need them, and i don't have wisdom, but i need it, and so I feel ... i have so little to offer, so i say Lord take my loaves and fishes and use them to your glory and for your purpose.

Well we have made it through the first week of Bible School!! Praise the Lord!
We have a great group of students! And i am loving getting to know everyone and meeting all the new people! It is awesome to hear all the stories of each girl and to see their hearts. There are so many young people searching and seeking God and want what is right but there is such a hard pull there to follow the wrong spirit and the battle is just so strong! I am so thankful for my Creator and my Master to carry me and walk with me in the journey! Without him i would not be! So i continue to pray and i continue to cry out to Him for strength and for wisdom.